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Locally fed, handled humanely, cooked with technique.



black bean marinated, salted cucumber, spring onion, barley rice

popcorn fried, chipotle aioli

Snake River Wagyu Cheek
beef confit fingerling potatoes, sun-dried tomatoes

Bone Marrow
roasted, gremolata, chive baguette

Flank (1pc)
chipotle marinated, feta, crispy shallot, cilantro, daikon, corn taco shell

Top Sirloin Wagyu
tartare, cauliflower-cilantro puree, black miso

Tenderloin Carpaccio
pickled mustard seeds, pecorino, truffle oil, baguette

Oxtail Poutine
oxtail gravy, kennebec fries, fontina, havarti, provolone



Sautéed mushroom
confit garlic powder, garlic chip, smoked mushroom crema

Roasted butternut squash
hazelnut pesto, tahini, charred oregano

Brussel sprouts
crispy pancetta, egg white foam, cured yolk

Roasted beets
sweet corn veloute, puffed quinoa, fennel oil

Kale cabbage salad
yuzu vinaigrette, crispy leeks

white cheddar bechamel, candied pine nuts



Kennebec fries
DOSC seasoning, whole wheat crusted

saffron and garlic oil powder

Butternut gnocchi
butternut cream, pecorino, fried capers, pickled shallots

whole clove garlic confit mash


Skirt {espresso cocoa dry rubbed, smoked} | 5oz.

Shank {celeriac, gremolata, bone marrow} | 5oz. 

Short Rib {house sauce} | 8oz. 

Ribeye {28 – 48 day aged, Northern Gold, horse with a rash} | 6oz. | 9oz. 

Striploin {Northern Gold, horse with a rash} | 3oz. | 6oz. | 9oz.

T-Bone {45 day aged, pan roasted, horse with a rash}  | 16oz.

A3 Brant Lake wagyu striploin {charbroiled, horse with a rash, arugula butter} | 6oz. | 9oz.

A3 Brant Lake wagyu ribeye {charbroiled, horse with a rash, arugula butter} | 6oz. | 9oz.

A3 Snake River wagyu striploin {charbroiled, horse with a rash, arugula butter} | 6oz. | 9oz.

A3 Snake River wagyu ribeye {charbroiled, horse with a rash, arugula butter} | 6oz. | 9oz.

A5 Miyazaki wagyu striploin {charbroiled, horse with a rash} | 6oz. | 9oz.

A5 Miyazaki wagyu ribeye {charbroiled, horse with a rash} | 6oz. | 9oz.

Tomahawk  {sous-vide, charbroiled} | 45oz.

The Chicken That Lost It’s Leg {cured, sous-vide, fried} | 1 Leg.

Daily Bread
enriching ingredients, 2 slices, cultured butter

Horse with Rash
freshly grated horseradish, purple cabbage, sherry, corn nectar

Compound Butters
red wine peppercorn / roasted garlic poppyseed / arugula sage

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