sober cat café

Specializing in traditional artisan coffee in collaboration with our in-house bakery, Sober Cat is the welcoming hug to the DOSC experience. From the hand-picking of each coffee bean to the very last drip on your cup, Sober Cat ensures that each step is up to standard, especially with our partnership with the local coffee roaster, Rogue Wave Coffee Company®. Grab a couch and make yourself at home, or bring a piece of home to your office – our baristas are here to serve you.

early bird pairings

Available from 9AM to 11AM

breakfast sandwich combo 10.00

bacon or vegetarian breakfast sandwich + brewed coffee or americano or tea

morning combo 

cookie or scone or muffin or loaf + brewed coffee or americano or tea

coffee & espresso

batch brew (12oz/16oz)3.50 / 4.00
pour over5.00
espresso + tonic6.00
flat white4.50
cappuccino (8oz)4.50
latte (10oz/12oz/16oz)5.25 / 6.00 / 6.50
mocha (10oz/12oz/16oz)                        5.25 / 6.00 / 6.50
nitro cold brew (12oz/16oz)5.00 / 5.75
make it a float + 3.00

teas & other

teapot 4.75

locally from The Tea Girl

iced tea
4.75 / 5.25

Pineapple Express – Rose Garden – Peachy Keen – Raspberry Cordial – Kenilworth

4.75 / 5.25

London – Lavender – Piña Colada – Pandan – Peach Rose

milk tea
5.75 / 6.50

Original – Lavender – Pandan – Piña Colada

chai latte (10oz/12oz/16oz)5.75 / 6.50 / 7.00
matcha latte (10oz/12oz/16oz)5.75 / 6.50 / 7.00
matcha + tonic 6.00
elixir (10oz/12oz/16oz)6.00 / 6.75 / 7.25

chili turmeric or beetroot with steamed milk

hot chocolate (10oz/12oz/16oz)6.00 / 6.75 / 7.25
Mobu kombucha 7.00
San Pellegrino 3.50
FeverTree Aromatic Tonic 4.00
FeverTree Soda 4.00


espresso shot +1.00

decaf option available

alternative milk +1.25

oat | almond | soy | coconut | macadamia | lactose free

syrup +1.00

vanilla |  salted caramel |  rose |  lavender  |  pandan  |  honey  |  maple  |  peppermint  |  sugar-free vanilla  |  hazelnut  |  blackberry  |  condensed milk

coffee spike +5.00

Bailey’s |  Jameson |  Cynar |  Crème de Menthe  |  Crème de Cacao  | Rogue Wave Coffee Liquor 

litty kitty

After Ten9.00

Crème de Menthe, Crème de Cacao, cold brew

Cat’s Nip9.00

Rogue Wave Coffee liqueur, Crème de Cacao, Baileys, cold brew

Siesta de Gato10.00

Montelobos, Rogue Wave Coffee liqueur, coffee syrup, milk

Spiked Iced Chai9.00

The Tea Girl’s chai, Baileys, milk

Breakfast at Midnight9.00

Amaro Nonino, Amaretto, English Breakfast tea

Spirit for the Soul 9.00

apple cider, ginger syrup, DOSC blended scotch

Drunken Cocoa9.00

Your choice of Jameson or Crème de Menthe or Baileys, The Violet Chocolate Company’s cocoa, milk

Celtic Mocha12.00

The Violet Chocolate Company’s cocoa, Jameson, Baileys, milk, espresso


cookies 3.75

spiced chocolate chip   |  morning glory  |  blueberry cornmeal  

loaves 3.50

banana chocolate

scones 4.00


muffins 3.50



espresso brownie

layered brownie, salted caramel ganache, dark chocolate espresso ganache, espresso beans

                                                       add ice cream + 3.00
apple galette

apple bourbon tart, salted caramel ganache 

add ice cream + 3.00

espresso, rotating gelato scoop


lychee raspberry power bowl 8.00

raspberry coconut cream, lychee rosewater yogurt, hemp seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, raspberries, lychee, milk crumb